hi I'm fenni and I swear this isn't just a KLK blog

I also love FE, F/Z, and NGE a whole bunch, and I ramble about other favorite series from time to time. Also expect occasional birds, flowers, architecture, and food thrown in the mix.

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!

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It’s okay, Kariya; I’m terrible at mini-games, too.

Another Fate/Zero comic by mentos on Pixiv, now with 100% more devious puns!

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Quick sketch.

I think truthfully, inumuta/jakuzure isn’t a bad ship, they are cute snark buds with cute colors

but why have a ship with cotton candy pink and blue color combinations when you can have dark red and blue nightmarish sci-fi villain inumuta/iori donning probe/order regalia instead 


ShiHou doodles

1) Listening to Anna’s ShiHou playlist ^~^
2) ShiHou in the rain!

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didn’t know you liked darkness

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