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for a friend: a dress spun from sunset.

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Why not fall in love?
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I got shit to do


We are the hope that people will one day be able to understand each other…And we are the words, “I love you”

…I teared up when Rei and Kaworu /cries

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Uzumaki by ITOU JUNJI. (1997)

Do you guys ever have those moments where you’re not necessarily trying or intentionally be someone you’re not, but after looking back at what you said in retrospect you’re suddenly just kinda like, “WHOA! hold up, that’s not me at all, I wanna take that back before people get the wrong idea but I think it’s too late now”, like your brain missed saying something very very vital to add to what you said until after the fact

Because I know I sure as hell have them

remember when everyone thought that spritzee was going to evolve into a plague doctor bird kind of pokemon

I still wish that was actually the case