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People in the Fort Worth/DFW area!!

We found a starving super skinny cat outside a few days ago and started feeding her a little. You could feel every single bone down her back and her hip bones were very pronounced. The first day I found her she was eating whatever bug jumped by her. When I brought food, she scarfed down every piece of kibble without even chewing.

Still, she is EXTREMELY loving and sweet and let’s you carry her like she’s putty. We waited a few days and looked to see if anyone’s missing a cat but then we found out she’s declawed and didn’t want her to stay outside any longer than necessary.

I can’t keep her because we just can’t afford another cat AND my current cat is a spoiled only child. She nearly attacked this baby in the few seconds I had her (in her carrier) in our house.

I’d really appreciate it if I could get some signal boosts on it to help find this sweetheart a home. Because she is declawed she will be an inside cat ONLY.

Look at this face! She loves people so much! Please help send this around and if you live in the area, please ask friends and family! She deserves a good home!

megkips replied to your post:I THINK I finally found the ideal icon something…

he looks like a sad deflated baloon and help it’s hilarious

it just occurred to me that kirby in comparison was a happy and idealistic inflated balloon 

so this icon isn’t quite so different after all except it’s well, deflated

1000-rat-corpses replied to your post:I THINK I finally found the ideal icon something…



R.I.P. KIRBY 2K12(??) - 2K14

I THINK I finally found the ideal icon something that’s not too happy or too sad or too cool just. waver’s default emotions

also going through that waver tag was riding an emotional roller coaster once again I did not ask for this


i think this is my favourite scene in the whole anime… there are a lot of anime characters who needed this speech ;A;


"All I Wanted was to Draw Some Long Hair, Dammit" Pt. 2: Rock ‘em, Waver.


The Holy Grail War.
Two hundred years ago, the families known as the Founding Three, Einzbern, Makiri and Tohsaka, worked together to successfully summon the Holy Grail, said to have the power to grant any wish.
However, the Holy Grail would answer only one prayer and their cooperation turned into a bloody battle.
That was how the Holy Grail Wars began.

megkips replied to your post:I actually want to change my icon because I feel…